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Mobile Market Domination – Infographic

Owning a cell phone is now as important as the clothes on your back. The numbers are staggering with a majority of people on the planet owning or using a mobile device at any given time. Landlines and public pay phones are slowly disappearing as the cost of instant communication becomes manageable for almost every […]

5 Interesting Facts About Gilbert, Arizona

Every town has its quirks, its oddities, its landmarks, its history, the things that make it stand out from the crowd. San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, Seattle has its coffee, and New York, well it has its New Yorkness. Gilbert, Arizona, our own dot on the map, is no exception. And here are […]

Is Internet Marketing Effective for Businesses?

We’ve all seen the articles and blogs filled with the gone-viral marketing genius of the likes of Apple, Nike and Oreos. Those big companies can plunk a huge wad of cash on a new online campaign like Mashable’s Easter Egg Contest and not really care if it turns into a huge flop. Small and mid-sized […]

Tips to Improve Your Local Search Presence

Local search is everything for the local, small business. Let’s face it. Not all of us can be Amazon or eBay. We can’t all rely on general search terms to being in customers. A lot of the time, our customers live and work within our own communities. But because we are small, and perhaps relatively […]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Let’s face it – mobile technology is the way people do just about everything anymore. You shop, communicate, run your home, your business, your LIFE – all from your mobile device. There’s an app for everything, and anyone who wants to get ahead in business, let alone the search engine rankings, need to embrace the […]

Slater Insurance School

  We were contacted by Walt Slater, owner of Slater Insurance School in Washington State, about creating a new look for his insurance school website. During our initial conversation we were informed that his website had not been updated since 2006 and it was in desperate need of an update. With the large increase of customers […]

Getting Excited for WordCamp Phoenix 2014

Phoenix WordCamp – January 17-19 – Chandler, Arizona If you have never been to a WordCamp, I highly recommend it. This will be my second time attending Phoenix WordCamp and I couldn’t be more excited. For $50 you get access to some of the best and brightest WordPress developers and designers for the weekend. The […]

Global Chiropractic

We were contacted by Tempe Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Enriquez, for help with updating his chiropractic website. One of the biggest issues with Global Chiropractic’s website was that it was not currently mobile responsive. We created his website using WordPress, updated the design, added functionality, and overhauled the site architecture for a streamlined conversion process. His […]

Interactivity Digital – South Beach Miami

 Digital Marketing at its Best! I recently returned from my first out-of-state digital marketing conference in South Beach Miami. It was an amazing trip and such a good learning experience. From the top-notch speaker presentations to the hospitality shown by the staff, Interactivity Digital 2013 was #AMAZEBALLS! My day job as an Internet Marketing Specialist […]

The Ready Gear Company

We were contacted by Greg, the owner of thereadygearcompany.com, to assist with website issues and to begin the planning of a SEO strategy. The Ready Gear Company is the leading online destination for all of your survival gear needs. They specialize in disaster preparation supplies, camping and hunting supplies, and long-term food supplies. We corrected […]