Digging Into WordPress – Book Review

WordPress Development Book

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Digging Into WordPress is a great book for learning to develop websites using WordPress and is also a great overview of the whole WordPress Platform.

Authored by a couple of WordPress rock stars, Chris Coyier from css-tricks.com & Jeff Starr from perishablepress.com, this book is great for beginner to intermediate web developers. If you are like me, this course is exactly what you have probably been searching for.

Chris & Jeff both design and develop custom websites using WordPress as a platform. After searching for a more in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes at WordPress and reading a few reviews, I found this book online.

I decided to purchase the hard-copy book for $75 and was thrilled that it also came with a PDF version that gets updated as newer versions of WordPress are released.

My Review of Digging Into WordPress

Digging Into WordPress Book

First things first, would I recommend this book? YES-ABSOLUTELY!

This book does a great job of walking you through WordPress, letting you see things from a developer’s viewpoint. Filled with code examples, expert tips, SEO best practices, and much more, this book was well worth the money spent.

The reason that I decided to write this review is because I haven’t even had time yet to finish reading the whole book and it has already helped me solve a theme development problem I was having.

I am also extremely excited to learn about WordPress from a couple guys that have much more knowledge and experience working with the software.

Chapters Include:

  1. Welcome to WordPress
  2. Setting up WordPress
  3. Anatomy of a Theme
  4. Theme Design & Development
  5. Extending Functionality
  6. Working with RSS Feeds
  7. Working with Comments
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Maintaining a Healthy Site
  10. Bonus Tricks!
  11. WordPress Updates

The chapter that I was looking forward to reading most was, Chapter 3 – Anatomy of a Theme, because it goes over topics such as understanding theme files, the famous WordPress loop, and theme functions. I learned a lot from this chapter because I enjoy creating WordPress websites in my spare time and think that the software is amazing. However, I still consider myself a Beginner/Intermediate in the whole custom theme development arena and was glad to gain a better understanding of the WordPress template system.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can hack the hell out of some CSS on someone else’s theme, but am unfamiliar with the inner workings of WordPress. I am also just starting to get to a point where the idea of creating my own theme seems like a good challenge, and a smart career move.

Quality Of the Book

After reading some of the reviews, I noticed that some people expressed concern about the cost of the book being too high. Let me be the first to say that this book is so well put together that it rivals college textbooks. It is printed on sturdy, glossy paper and is bound with a thick, spiral binding comb for easy use when studying in front of a computer. As a bonus, every page and corresponding chapter are conveniently color-coded.

I have read through Chapter 4 so far and already feel like I’ve gained huge ROI on the purchase! I will update this post as I continue to read through the rest of the book. If you are serious about taking your WordPress development skills to the next level, then I highly recommend this book.

$27 PDF eBook Version w/ Updates

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