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At Savage Online Marketing Group, we believe in the power of WordPress. WordPress is a robust Content Management System (CMS) used to power a large majority of websites in today’s online marketplace.

WordPress has become the go-to framework for many business owners looking for a fast and affordable option to power their online presence. We have helped Chiropractors, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Schools, and many more local businesses enhance their websites using WordPress.

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WordPress Website Options

  • Mobile Friendly Websites

    Customers can easily interact with your website on any device

  • Custom Themes

    We build custom child themes for your business

  • E-Commerce

    We are experts at WooCommerce integrations

  • Hosting

    We can help with hosting setup & migration

  • SEO

    All of our websites are built with SEO in mind

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The Benefits of Using WordPress to Develop Your Website

Benefits of WordPress for your website

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on the side of the Internet for the last few years, you no doubt have heard about WordPress, the blogging development platform that has revolutionized the way blogs and websites are made. But even if you haven’t just crawled out into the daylight, you may not realize what all the fuss is about. Why is WordPress so popular? And why are so many using a blogging platform to develop their entire website? Just what are the benefits of using WordPress, and why all the hype? Let’s take a look, shall we?

WordPress and the Newbie

WordPress is prefect for the new website owner or blogger. It’s widely considered the easiest to use development platform in existence. The skills needed to set up and run a WordPress blog or website are those equal to playing a round of solitaire and creating a word document, on your computer. It really is that simple. Drag and drop is used to set up sidebars, footers and your overall site format. Adding graphics is a simple upload from your computer files and then hit enter. The text editor even has spell-check, to make sure you get it all right.

There are over 2000 plugins – mini programs – that can be added to your WordPress blog or site that will allow you to do everything from create an email list to set up a shopping cart to sell products. WordPress really is perfect for those with little to no experience setting up blogs or websites. Another perk for the beginner is that WordPress is highly affordable. Many hosting companies offer free or discounted WordPress hosting, and many of the 2000+ plugins mentioned are free to use.

Benefits of WordPress for your website
Benefits of WordPress for your website

WordPress and Support

WordPress also comes with a great deal of support. There are the technical forums where you can get your questions answered and your issues resolved. (It’s a good bet someone has already asked or experienced what you’re going through, so you’ll not even have to wait for a response in many cases.) You’ll find help with everything from installation of WordPress itself to customization of themes and plugins. You won’t be left confused or struggling for long.

WordPress and You

The flexibility and capabilities of WordPress mean that you can have just the site you want, just the way you want it. Many of the themes available have endless possibilities for customization, so you can create the site of your dreams. Add in the flexibility and capabilities of the many and varied plugins WordPress supports, and there’s hardly anything you’d want your site to provide that it can’t offer.

So, if that means your favorite colors are hot pink and lime green, and you need a shopping cart to sell your crocheted cat sweaters and a blog to keep your crazy cat lady fans informed and buying from you, you can have it all, pictures of Fluffy the model included. And many of the customization features of WordPress themes are built in. You don’t have to be a coding expert or web designer to use them. And if you do need help, there’s the community and support teams to offer assistance and guide you through the process.

WordPress really has a lot to offer, whether you are a beginner or a veteran. Don’t miss out just because you might think it’s a fad or passing fancy. It’s neither, and it just keeps getting better and more capable all the time. With its ease of use, affordability, community and support, and its flexibility and capability, you really can’t go wrong with using WordPress to develop your next site.

Benefits of WordPress for your website